Welcome to Maison 197

We are currently renovating a house that has been in existence since the 1800s. It had undergone numerous changes before we bought it in 2010, and it is still evolving. Our goal is to achieve the LEED Certification from the Canada Green Building Council. We are here to share our experience and challenges with you throughout the process. We would like to thank our suppliers listed below for their kind support. They have motivated us and encouraged us along the way. We hope this site will be a resource for inspiration and education.

Specials Thanks to Our Sponsors:

Exterior Wall & Roofing

BP CANADA has participated in our LEED standard project, their R-4 HP exterior insul-sheathing boards and acoustic panels are made entirely of natural wood fibers, to help increase thermal resistance value, and contain high water vapor permeance. See more detail in the Materials section.

Wall insulation

We used the ROXUL fire-resistant insulation for our walls. The material is made of stone. Their products provide wonderful solutions for home owners and builders to save energy and create quieter and safer homes. See more detail in the Materials section.

Waterproof membranes

SOPREMA has provided us their SOPRANATURE green roof
self-adhesive vapour barrier membranes, which have excellent resistance properties to traction and puncture. Workers can move freely and safely on the roof during work, without damaging the vapour barrier.

Steel Structure

METWOOD BUILDING SOLUTIONS is an innovative company who offers cold formed steel building products, including beams, joists and steel framing. Their strong, light weight and long-spanned products has played an important role in our LEED home. See more detail in the Materials section.

Radiation floor actuators

Neptronic is a corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes products for the HVAC industry. They have provided us their actuators for our radiation floor.

More to come...
To be one of our sponsors, feel free to contact us anytime via phone or email. Thank you.